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This is a gateway to information on the animals of the Outer Hebrides and their distribution within the islands.

The species lists are compiled from records submitted to National Biodiversity Network Atlas Scotland by Outer Hebrides Biological Recording (OHBR) and other organisations. Many taxa are under-recorded, and the lists are not comprehensive, however, they are a guide our current knowledge of the composition and distribution of the fauna of the archipelago. The records are derived from a variety of sources, and apart from records supplied by OHBR, we cannot verify the accuracy of the identification nor whether these species are still present.

If you intend to use data provided on this website or on the NBN Atlas you need to comply with the NBN and OHBR terms and conditions.

We regret that distribution maps are not currently available as the service has been discontinued by NBN. We hope that a replacement servce via the new NBN Atlas will be available soon.

Common frog

Creator: Chris Johnson Creative Commons Licence

Compass jellyfish

Creator: Christine Johnson Creative Commons Licence

Episyrphus balteatus

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Lygocoris pabulinus

Creator: Chris Johnson Creative Commons Licence
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