Scottish Biodiversity List

Some animals and plants are protected by both international law and conventions, European Directives and UK/Scottish legislation. 1150 species have been listed as priorities for conservation under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP). There is an equivalent list for Scotland which is the definitive reference for all statutory and non-statutory bodies involved in operations that affect biodiversity in Scotland. Particular attention also has to be paid to species protected by the European legislation

To make the Scottish Biodiversity List more accessible it has been divided into the main groups of animals with links to the species descriptions and distributions maps for species recorded in the Outer Hebrides. Lists split into the main taxonomic groups with links for each species to National Biodiversity Network distribution maps are available on the OHBR website.

The complete list can be downloaded from the Scottish Government website.

The Marline Life Information Network website (MarLIN) has a list of marine species which are included in the Scottish Biodiversity List.

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